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I disagree

I drove a NYC cab for several years back in the 80's. Even though the element of danger was always there, I really don't think that carrying a gun would have helped me very much. The bad guy usually will have the gun pointed at the cabbie before the driver even realizes something bad is about to happen, not to mention the fact that the robber is usually (but not always) seated behind the driver.

There were times though when an illegal gun would have felt reassuring while standing in an empty subway station in Queens, NYC while going or coming from work at 4 or 5 in the morning.

Having said that, I'm still not a big proponent of the concept of thinking the solution to a lot of our nation's problems is to just keep adding more guns to the equation. That’s how it purportedly was back in the days of the “Wild West” and people we’re getting shot all the time (and not just the bad guys). If we’re all walking around with a gun, our society will be right back to using the law of the jungle to solve our problems instead of a judicial system. That’s just reverting back to being an animal instead of a human. Can’t see much progress in that.


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