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The Homeless-Not all bad and some like you!

First, it's a really bad joke that the city stated that they were 48 to a person, homeless people in Wilmington North Carolina. This person should be fired point blank. Being homeless right now, I can tell you that there are hundreds if not a thousand or more, homeless people in Wilmington some have medical problems, some have mental health problems, some are addicted to drugs and or alcohol. There are also some, who have sound on bad times 22 very unusual circumstances and are looking for work even know they may or may not be fit for work and cannot find it. There is no more room on section 8 housing, and there is a backgrounds on people with disability cases who cannot work numbering in the years. This city does not have an answer or a plan for the homeless They are lying. All they want to do is sweep people from out of the public view and of course not allow them to stay in any woods with no trespassing signs eccentric center. Which leaves nowhere for a homeless person to be allowed legally to stay, except in a couple of shelters that charge rent and or run down. The homeless are constantly harassed, and blamed for all were a lot of crimes. This may be the case with a few individuals, but is not the case for the majority believe it or not. Yet despite this the loan for SMent evidently has nothing else to do but harass the homeless people by constantly giving them tickets anywhere from an open container to a trespassing charge Exedra Exedra Exedra this city's answer is still as it stands in 2004 when a cancer man by the name of times and said that he has the solution to the homeless, buy them a one way ticket out of Wilmington.


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