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Meth Labs in NC

Unfortuniately -- Meth Labs, LSD, Crack Cocaine, Heroin, PCP's, Pot, hashish, ect. -- even Moonshine Whiskey has become a part of 'the American Culture'. Even smokeing cigarettes . The crux to all of this is determined in the D.C. Social Political Circles --as to what is " socially acceptable " and what is not --within the Inner 495 BeltWay - as well as what Hollywood does.

People are going to still use illegal drugs - and as generation of young adults to new generations, their morals change from year to year -- so will the habits. and - the medias exploit these changes in trends thru Hollywood Stars and their illegal drug useage -- ie; Whitney Houstonis the best example. All of the other movie stars are caught with cocaine, drugs so often -- that its really not newsworthy anymore. Just a 'way of life' in California.

All Law Enf. can do is cope with the problem as it gets bigger as population grows -- and laws are now becomeing more liberal and permissive. Its what society wants -- so, society gets what they want. And only when the supporters of Illegal Drug & Cultures become themselves -- victimized -- nothing will really change.


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