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Why is this news?

"UNCW recently hired an English professor whose previous publications are worrying some parents."

(a) It's a good thing the parents aren't taking the classes then. If your adult child can't handle it, don't enroll in his courses. College isn't up to parents to decide. It's a time for the student to become accountable for their own path and curriculum. This is why professors don't call your parents when there is an issue. The students are adults, they should be able to handle adult content like adults.

(b) Why are we interviewing CFCC students? Does the professor teach on their campus? NO? Then what's the relevance here? How does having a student state "I don't get it" forward the story? Oh, I get it - because there isn't one. It sounds like the reporter just walked around campus shoving the literature in student's faces, asking "Isn't this crazy? OMG SEX!! What do you think about it?!" Gasp! Someone who WRITES for a living wrote about... sex! And they are teaching at a public institution! How scandalous!"

(c) Here's something that might actually be news: writers (as the author should know) cover all subjects in the human experience... including drug use, death, and (gasp!) sex. Bob Hicock is a celebrated writer teaching at Virginia Tech, who wrote poems about Pamela Anderson. Does that make these instructors any less qualified to do their job? Who cares about what he writes about as long as he does it (and his job) well? It just seems like WWAY is trying to blow this WAY more out of proportion than need be. It's not quite the scandal you are hoping for, and you are merely trying to stir the mud around someone's career just to get a rise out of viewers. I feel bad for this guy that you are even trying to make a story out of this.

(d) To the author of this "story": You should be ashamed. Did you even consider writing anything about this instructor's ability to do his job, or did you just want the general public to come to the conclusion that this person must automatically be unqualified simply because of their subject matter? Did you even mention his qualifications or educational background? Any teaching accolades? Even a quick Google search would turn that up. It's either purposefully negligent reporting, or just lazy, and either way, you should be embarrassed.


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