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Hey guest

Pat - before you start work promise you won't take anymore lottery money.

Of course anyone with half a brain would realize that the lottery was never intended to fund our schools.

As you can see the vast majority of the money does go to the schools.
Perdue was wrong to transfer $ into the general fund but the amount was small.
Anyone who insinuates otherwise needs to go back to school
The largest part of lottery sales go to?
The lottery winners - you know the people that play the game?
Now we could have gone the Georgia(?) route - put all money into a fund for college education ONLY. Supposedly soon Georgians who have resided in the state for "X" number of years will be able to send their kids to state colleges free or at extremely reduced cost. Just remember, those GA counties didn't get a dime of Lottery monies - EVER.
In NC it was decided that the Lottery $ would be split among the 100 counties to pay for new building etc......
I'm not so sure that was the right track to go on but .........

Bev was NOT the problem.
Of course we can watch what McCrory does to education........



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