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Has anyone even been to

Has anyone even been to Laney high school lately? If so, have you been to any of the other highschoolsnin the area? How do their facilities compare? The inadequacies in the New Hanover county are very apparent. As a former buccaneer who will be graduating from college very soon, it saddens me to see that not much has changed. Laney high school is probably the most underrated high school in the county. I enjoyed my four years there. The passion that the faculty and staff at this school have is second to none. When I was a student, many times we had to go without. I can't remember how many times instruction was hindered by an old computer, a lack of books, or a lack of sports equipment. Now that I have a brother participating in sports at Laney, I have had the opportunity to see first-hand the many different sports facilities in the county. These facilities range from weight rooms, locker rooms, and gymnasiums. It is very easy to see where the funding goes. The two "flagship" schools have ample equipment that is relatively new. Te newest school also has very nice equipment. On another note, the buildings where instruction takes place has also been neglected. However, in recent years there has been a lush to clean it up and make it look better. Many improvements have taken place but are hindered. Why? Lack of funding. Any sane person of New Hanover county should vote YES on this bond referendum. Believe it or not, the students that are attending this school now are your future. They will be leading this county, state, and country. If you're sending your children somewhere for 8+ hours a day to grow into an informed, productive member of society wouldn't you want it to be as nice as possible? Invest in their future...your future. They'll remember this one day.


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