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I hear you on the age thing. One thing that amuses me is that back then I didn't pay attention to things like taxes - which were MUCH higher then, rate wise.
Or job creation - which was also higher then. (Dwight E and JFK provided a decade of VERY high job creation even with high taxes).
Things were simpler then.

But in today's age where we rail against higher taxes user fee's do provide some relief - not much, but some. Heck they're talking a toll bridge or tunnel for the new bridge project - which is OK by me. I'll take my time and go over a crowded bridge instead.
This of course is the problem with a consumer based tax system - if they don't buy - the government doesn't collect - which means that at every slow down revenues will become a problem.
Of course the current crop of GOP-ers doesn't understand this:
High taxes don't thwart job creation
In today's economy making money off money is more prevalent than making money off making "things" - so investments are no longer in factories - they're in stocks and bonds which don't create jobs........
I read the Fair Tax book and my first reaction to it was why do they limit the size of the purchase which is subjected to the tax and why do they not tax financial transactions?



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