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So Army

show me where I used race as an issue. You won't ever find a post I've made on this site which refers to race.

But of course, you seek to color the post.

The fact remains there are fiscal challenges facing this state and this nation.

An article in the Washington Post, today, noted the debt ceiling will hit Washington on or about February 15. Then real decisions will need to be made.

Will the Feds pay the Chinese and other nations which have loaned the US money?


Will they pay February Social Security benefits and issue Federal Income Tax Refunds?

That Sir, is a very real challenge facing our nation.

Think about it.

The Feds pay the debt service required; and social security recipients do not get their February check. They may not be able to buy groceries or required medications.

AND, Federal Tax Refunds could be delayed until May which sticks it to the person filing, even online now, who might be expecting a refund by mid February.

You can certainly choose to disagree. But, if someone is physically and mentally able to work, why should it take over 2 years to find employment. They might have to work 2 jobs. They might have to consider contract work where they are paid a fee for work performed with no benefits. That is becoming more prevelant; and when Obamacare hits, watch the employers who reduce hours to below 30 to avoid employee health care requirements.

Sorry Army, but that is reality without rose colored glasses.

And nowhere do I see a refernce to race, color, religion, or creed.


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