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The problem is that without jobs many who get reduced UI bennys will qualify for Welfare and Medicaid.
Meaning that savings from UI will get eaten up by increased Medi/Wel/fare.
One thing the Guv should concentrate on is jobs.
Job growth generates increased revenues NOT TAX CUTS.
If you cut off or reduce UI too soon you shoot yourself in the foot.
As for small business growth that has everything to do with DEMAND for their products. Sure you could say that some thing impede this like some regulations but taxes? Sorry, Ike taxed the "rich" at over 65%. Clinton taxed them at 39% and they ranked #1 and #2 in job creation - and CLinton had the "almost" balanced budget. Now Ike did not have the handcuffs of the great society on him - that came later, but his job creation record was still impressive.
I'm all for "pushing" people to work but there's got to be work there - otherwise the state slides backwards even further. I would humbly suggest that he tread lightly during year 1.
That said Mr T is also partially right that Pat may not have the complete cooperation of the right fringe which would be disappointing.
But given the latest Rasmussen polls that show only 8% of the people consider themselves identified with tea party Pat may not have to worry about them.



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