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Tom I agree

What you fail to realize is that this was anticipated that employers would cut hours to escape healthcare.
It will force the government to go single payer which was the Dems goal (and the GOP) all along.
Nixons health care plan was single payer - the Dems didn't like it (go figure).

I just hope this legislature doesn't go all abortion social legislation on us.
There are serious issues out there.
Fracking/wind/oil exploration would be a good first bill to propose.
Government transparency is a good second bill.
But to go full bore on unemployment before the rate is coming down MORE quickly would be an unmitigated disaster financially for this state.
But I do think McCrory sees this - the question is does Berger?
On the national level there's a big fall off in tea party support as indicated by Rasmussen polling and the national GOP is losing support. The state GOP needs to take heed of this. Americans and North Carolinians want negotiation and compromise and discussion. If berger goes off of that track the legislature might get all topsy turvy on us. Not a bad thing as I favor term limits bit a misplaced mandate is a dangerous thing - go ask a Dem who served during the first two years of Obama's presidency.



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