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Re-invent themselves? As what? What is the future of NC's job growth - where will it be?
Health care is a safe bet with or without Obamacare
Most manufacturing is out.
Leaving agriculture...........or the government. Remember government has grown under both parties nationally. In NC a lot of government jobs (Non-teaching) have been reduced already.
We are a right to work state - with very little union membership anywhere. What many people don't realize is that the GOP has already got a LOT of what it's ideology calls for and we're STILL behind SC and other states in some ways.
So what will Pats answer be? Will he dumb down NC to the level of SC and GA's educational system - particularly at the college and university
level? To me that sounds like political suicide at least in this state.
It appears that at the national level the GOP got the Dems to accept a lot of GOP thoughts - Obamacare contained tax cuts as did the stimulus packages.
Now the GOP claims they never paid for themselves - a direct contradiction of decades of supply side and trickle down economic theory.
Unions? Less than 6% nationwide.
Taxes - rates this low haven't been seen since the 80s - which completely refutes McConnells thought that taxes stimulate the economy or that high taxes thwart job creation.
Like other GOP governors I hope that McCrory can stand up to Berger and Tillis who seem to be trapped in an ideological time warp. I had hopes for Pat but his initial round of appointments was disappointing but I will hold off on judgement for some time to give him a fair chance. He deserves it. He worked well with Dems in Charlotte and reached out to them. If the House and senate toss them aside - they do so with a fair amount of risk.



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