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Time for a Reality Check

I look at the posts in response to mine; and I see the problem. Too many face away from reality and try to vent their frustrations and fears on ole SurfCityTom.

Let's do a fact check.

Ole SurfCity was not consulted by Governor McCrory when he considered options to stem the financial bleeding in NC.

Ole SurfCity was not consulted by the Legislature when they considered options to stem the financial bleeding in NC.

Ole SurfCity did read the newspapers and commented on proposed legislation.

Now respondents had one of three options.

Option A -- attack Ole SurfCity as they can not face the truth or reality of things to come.

Option B -- prepare an action plan for the legislation impact which will be effective 07/01/2013 and the upcoming impact of Obamacare.

Option C -- communicate with your Legislators and express your feelings and beliefs to those who have yet to vote and who have the authority and power to make changes in the proposed legislation.

Based upon respondent posts, Option A is the overwhelming choice.

And that is a sad statement.


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