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NCGS prevents weapons from being in schools the insurance company's do not pay out for injuries as a result of weapons use as far as I know. Even if a school door is left unlocked - the fact that the perp broke the law by bringing a weapon on school grounds relieves the insurance company of responsibility.
This is why I favor treating gun ownership like auto ownership. Require the gun owner to have the insurance, get the training, register the gun (annually) and pass a proficiency test, and have a very detailed background check done.
Hell charge them for all of this with fees etc.........
Why? Well think about someone who is mentally ill. A doctor prescribes an RX that impairs judgement. The Rx says don't drive an auto or operate equipment while taking ........
Why is this different? The car is dangerous while being operated by someone under the influence - as is a gun.
Let the insurance company's write the policies. Previous infractions? Drives the rate up. Get a gun DWI? Drives the rates up. Previous criminal activity while using a gun? Drives the rate up.
Let the free market weed out those that shouldn't be allowed to carry - or those that store their guns improperly.
That way the "right" is protected for anyone who takes that right seriously. Freedom comes at a cost. Want the right to bear arms? It comes with responsibility.
DISCLAIMER - I own and conceal carry. I would pass a drug screen and don't drink. I am trained and proficient. In other words - this wouldn't affect me.


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