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C'mon tom

Its like how do you make a baby girl?
The mold is right in front of you.
Autos and insurance.
Driver's Ed - Gun Ed
Take a test get your license
Buy a Car(gun)and attempt to register with proof of insurance
Once registered renewals every year
License renewals annually or every two years
Eye tests required
Doctors to restrict use upon prescribing of psychotic drugs

Loss of license is mis used
Hell we could have the DMV do this
The problem here is that the NRA does NOT want restriction of any kind on any weapons then guys like Goolsby write OpEd pieeces comparing guns to cars.
They the tout the mental health issues as the REAL cause of gun violence. By using my analogy a doctor could eliminate 30M gun owners from using because that's how many people are supposedly using some sort of mind altering or reflex altering drugs to fight mental illness. The NRA is partially right - but again there's consequences that should be made for this argument they propose.
If mental illness is a problem restrict gun ownership for those that suffer from it or are being altered by the meds to treat it. Do I want a mentally ill person to make a snap judgement as whether the guy at the door is a robber, a murderer, the post man or his brother? Heck no - nor do I want him behind the wheel.
But if mental illness is their argument then I make the case that about 30M people now lose the right - guaranteed by the constitution to bear arms.
So I say let the market do it for them - make it pricey to own and carry. Make it mandatory to have government (DMV) involvement. Have a Doc decide if temporarily you are incapacitated to carry and let the government make money off of it and have insurance in case mistakes are made (making it even more pricey).
Let the free market decide



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