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Insurance is not a tax it's a GOP love-fest known as a "fee".
Politics aside.
Normal law abiding gun owners have nothing to fear. As I said rates are set by the insurers based upon previous activity and the gun owners level of responsibility.
doctors are involved to make a medical determination as to the ability of the owner to think, and aim clearly. Rx's would carry warnings on them as well.
Violate the warning and shoot somebody your rates go up because you didn't listen or heed the warnings AND the insurance company now has "claim" to settle.

The free market can regulate the market for buying, selling and the use of guns - and government can make a tone of money off of it.
No on is saying gun "ban" or "control" here either.
Your car is insured against theft right? Why not your gun?
You learn how to drive car safely and are tested on it why not a gun?
Your car is registered and re-registered why not your gun?
A Doc can take away your driving privileges due to a medical condition - why not a gun?
You can kill people with your car - AS WELL AS YOUR GUN.
So treat them the same.
Repeat offenders get priced out of the market
Drug addicts and mental patients have to prove they're better to get their license back - why not their gun license too?

Don't like a conservative argument for this do you? Don't like it to be personal responsibility for this do you? Don't like free markets playing a role in this do you?
I've made no argument to change the 2nd amendment!
The founding fathers did not see the development of the automobile nor the semi and automatic weapons of our time.
My argument does not impinge upon the 2nd amendment at all.
It just encourages personal responsibility.



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