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With regards to Pete Rose

there are rules in place which restrict the actions of managers and players. He chose to break the rules. When first confronted, had he issued a statement of admission, he likely would have been reinstated which would make him eligible for consideration. He chose not to at the time; his lifetime ban from baseball continues. If memory serves me, he is even limited in his activities at a ballpark. His ego apparently prevents him from bending a knee and asking the Commissioner for reinstatement. It seems to me he had to get permission from the Commissioner to be allowed to attend his son's first pro game in the minors. End of Point.

As to Shoeless Joe, his issues stemmed from knowing about the plan to throw the series and not stepping forward at the start. Something about the morals clause in baseball.

There have been a fair number of current Hall of Famers who have spoken out against allowing the steroid users in the Hall under any circumstances.


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