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AND Progressives are yelling..

ONLY Law Enforcment should have the "Right the bear ARMS"..
Epsecially "assult style" weapons...
While Bashing the CT. Shooters Mother about "securing" Weapons...
Well folks, Keep believing THAT line of BS...

NOW, Criminals ya see, DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE LAW!
Well guess what, NOW We have 2 UN-RESPONSABLE, Law Enforcment Officers "personal?" Weapons STOLEN, un-secured Folks.......
Will they show up at the next CRIME? Or Mass Shooting?
I'm also willing to BET that these Weapon(s) are the Officers "personal" Weapons, eg: ASSULT RIFLES...
OH! Any you "heavy" drug dealers that see a couple COPS dressed up showing "Badges" using Assult Style weapons, better hope it's not these yahoo's that stole the Weapons, Intent on robbing YOU,,, In ADDITION, Hey LAW Enforcment? What happens next, now that you've got WEAPONS AND Official badges to be used in a CRIME?
If I resided in the area(s), Police come to MY door flashing Badge(s) having Weapons, Just MAY get shot on sight? EG: Mistaken ID?

Remember this sign/Meaning folks...


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