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Now, how do you think these

Now, how do you think these MORONS would feel if we picked some young guy to stand in front of them with a loaded gun, SMILING, and just popped a couple of bullets into their bodies? Not to kill, just to maim, for life. THEN, while wearing signs that say "I'm a cold blooded killer" we sent them out to crawl around Front St. bloody and crying? THEN we showed it on the news while you could see the rest of us in the background pointing and laughing?
Sounds cruel? WHY do they deserve any better? I would bet money if violent crime was handled in this way we'd see MUCH less of it. And, DAMMIT, it would make me feel better to see them BEGGING for their lives!!! But the criminals know they get 3 hots and a cot....they know the pansy assed justice system coddles criminals. Christ, let me start a list: Casey Anthony, Jerry Sandusky (APPEALS????), the CO shooter.....the list is very very long and will get longer until we stand up FOR OURSELVES!!!


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