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It was coming

I have a close friend whom is a Pharmacist. For months now, I've heard from him about the number(s) of people pouring into the pharmacy on a daily basis, getting their refills on hydrocodone/percocet/oxycontin, and quite a few showing up days, and some times a week early, or calling in saying they've lost their pills, and they need more now.
It just doesn't work to their advantage to come up with these excuses, as Pharmacist have heard it all USA. Tylenol had already been reduced within the drug to some degree several months ago, which first initiated the clamps closing on this drug as a danger.
The patients that do abuse this drug, in all fairness, it is largely due to the reason that their physicians were over writing this medication over the years.
Where as Vicodin/Hydrocodone are now considered a "Control Drug", it soon will be considered a narcotic, and the clamps will be put down on it even tighter. People will become extremely irate, and the pharmacy staff then becomes the targeted ones. It happens now when patients are turned down on "early refills", and that will become 10 fold once the FDA gets this passed (and they will) and doctors have to prescribe alternate methods, which now is widely known as "Pain Management".
I fear for the future of my friends in the pharmacy field for their safety, and it is mainly derived from doctors having a free flowing pen to create this situation. Let's not forget these doctors Physician Assistants (PA) that were at will to write out this medicine as well, supported by the doctor they work under.
Yes Houston, we do have a problem, and it's only the beginning.


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