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Does the FDA have anything

Does the FDA have anything else to do? So tired of hearing about the "abuse" of painkiller medication. If its not percoset its something else. What about the individual who is truly in pain and needs their meds for relief because there is no other option. What about the patient with idiopathic pain...where there is no cure. Are they supposed to sit in pain because theres abuse by individuals who want to pop pills all day long? Dr.s know the abusers but they're not allowed to single out that patient because it may lead to profiling. My husband was on pain management for over 10 yrs due to an idiopathic disease. Every couple of months the FDA would put more restrictions on the medication he was taking. They make a sick person feel like a criminal for getting their medication! I would truly like "them" to sit in pain for 2 weeks to realize that there are some days you may need one more pill to kick the pain but you can't take it because "they" not your "doctor" put a limit on his prescription. Tired of paying for the junkies out there. The FDA has always "grouped" people together ...catergorized them into one lump sum...addicts. Its true my husand was and addict...he was addicted to his PAIN. Fortunately for me I don't have a condition that requires pain medication. I guess the physicians that spent all those years being educated need not do that anymore because all they have to do is open the FDA rule book. Talk about intervention the FDA has no right in the physician nor my back pocket. If these abusers need their fix...they'll take it to the street corners.


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