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School children are tax mooching freeloaders? ... Since when?

On 1/9/2013 either you, or one of your like-minded posters (probably you in each of the posts), were advocating forced child labor as a way for children to pay for their own schooling. Now, you're advocating torture as a means of discipline? Your post begs the question: "What the heck is wrong with you?"

Kids have a right in our country to a free education. The cost of that education is paid for with taxes from the community. You had that right when you were a kid. Now that it's some other kid's turn, you're against that? Now that you're the grownup and have to pay the taxes for the next generation, you no longer think it's a good idea? Apparently the concept of having been afforded an opportunity and paying it forward to the next generation is beyond your moral capabilities.

There's a reason why you post the things you post. It's really quite simple. You've selfishly allowed yourself to degenerate into an organism that can't think beyond its own personal consumption of our planet's resources. Now that you’ve had your opportunity, no one else really matters.

You are pathetic.


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