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This "Anti-Northerner" this is starting to get old

and it's already been pretty stupid for a long time.

I've lived in NYC, as well as in two major Southern cities, as well as in the Wilmington area for significant periods of time. In NYC, I rarely ever heard an anti-Southerner remark. In the two major Southern cities, I rarely ever heard an anti-Northerner comment. Seemed like no one really gave a crap about that kind of nonsense. In the Cape Fear area, it seems like anytime something local goes wrong, someone responds with some anti-Yankee remark (hey, why blame yourself) and sometimes they're just gratuitously thrown out for no reason at all (like yours).

Like I said, "this is starting to get old and it's already been pretty stupid for a long time".

If you really want to look dumb, you should suggest a toll both that'll collects a toll from the locals every time they have to cross their very own bridge. Oops, sorry! You actually just did that! Wow, that'll sure prove to some Northern tourists who'll have to use that bridge just a couple of times just how much smarter and better you are than those icky Northerners.

Normally, your posts are pretty cool. Why ruin a good batting average by posting crap like this?


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