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HaHa...None of You are Local!!

Everyone has missed the point or reason for the stereotypical "tourists" being judged by locals. People moved in from other areas (mostly northern states)because they were able to buy twice the house here with much lower taxes. The island became congested during the winter whereas before, there was only congestion in the summer. To assume that transplants are doing the locals a favor by bringing their frivolous spending habits and higher tax rates, as well as selfish mentalities to a place where the people once relied on each other is a BIG JOKE. It doesn't matter if the residents lived in doesn't matter if they live in cardboard boxes. Surf City was full of folks that bartered and lived simply from the resources that were available to them. The locals are survivors...not folks that you can take advantage of easily....and you've never seen a group of people stick together like Surf City locals (not even Steelers fans). Not only Surf City....the rest of the North Carolina Barrier Islands also have always been immune to the effects of the national economy because of tourism. Until recently, people were able to hold out and not sell their land to an outsider out of necessity. Now, everyone is selling.... It's cool though... we locals know that the new cycle is close. We're due for a BIG storm and we'll be around after that storm while transplants head back to where they came from, not understanding that it would have been better to put a trailer on that lot you bought....until you see with your own eyes that your 2 million dollar house floated down N. River inlet with the rest of 'em.... Everybody's got an opinion....people might laugh at you (not with you)... but you're entitled(such a funny word) to it. To conclude, even though Tom is a transplant.. he's been here long enough to be considered local. He's a landlubber converted to find his way along the ranks of Blackbeard's legion. Now take your Salt Life stickers, jump on I-40, and head west. Take your money with you, we don't need it. We can fish as long as you leave, we can farm as long as you leave... For us, we wish to neither rule or be oppressed. How can you possibly affect us, except by negatively impacting our existence. Topsail Island used to be the country's best kept secret...... thanks big mouths.


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