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I agree 100%, you send young

I agree 100%, you send young men, a lot of them younger than the law allows to buy a beer, off to a foreign country to do your killing for, and they witness their friends and comrades dying and being mutilated and publicly displayed and then you turn around and this is the way you treat a young man that has risen to the call of battle, maybe it was wrong to piss on the guy, but he was the same one that beheaded your fellow soldiers, how does this country get anyone to serve? this is total B/S, these are young people that old people send to settle their disputes while they sit back and drink their scotch and pat themselves on the back, these guys spend days in foxholes scared to death, not knowing if they'll ever see their families again, something that most of us will ever know, and for just a few seconds they unwind and all of a sudden they are criminals, what is going on???


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