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Cartmen Deliveries in the Downtown Area

I would like to set the record straight with regards to Cartmen's involvement in running deliveries for restaurants in the downtown area. The fact of the matter is that Cartmen of Wilmington took advantage of local businesses after soliciting the delivery business. He arranged deals with my business and others in the downtown area for a share of the sales of each delivery he took, with the assurance that he would not charge delivery fees. He then proceeded to charge delivery fees, against the wishes of his business customers and after said businesses had told their customers that no delivery fee would be charged, and in addition expected a tip from the recipients of these deliveries. Furthermore, he would neglect to settle the balance owed for his deliveries and let that balance grow for days at a time, then try to pay less than he owed thus taking sales from businesses that were already cutting him a deal. Add to all this the fact that he treated the businesses he was delivering for in a very unprofessional manner and constantly demanded cheaper deals and greater concessions while offering said unprofessional service, showing up for pickups when it suited him and not adhering to establish operating procedures. I am disappointed that he would blame his own shortcomings and poor business planning on the hardworking businesses of the Downtown area and I am disgusted that he would use the tragic and untimely death Joshua Proutey to make himself out to be some sort of guarding angel. While there has been a drop in violence in the Downtown area over the past three years, I must point out that this is due to the diligent officers of the WPD, which has increased the police presence in the Downtown area, especially on the weekends, and to the efforts of business owners and managers in the Downtown area who have enacted their own safety measures to ensure that their employees leaving work late at night have escorts or travel in groups and make it home or to their cars safely. It is my hope that these fallacious remarks made by Mr. Metzger in enmity will not reflect on the Downtown community or it's members who work hard everyday to create a positive, welcoming, and enjoyable experience for citizens of and visitors to Wilmington, in spite of the fact that some people seem insistent on focusing only on negative events - aspects of the community which are the minority. Thank you for the opportunity to add some depth and reality to this story.


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