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They will get a hotel

Foreign investors may pay for it.
Well, I don't believe ti will be profitable so they have to offer something else - express lane VISA's you can call it. "Donate $500K to 'ol Schoninger and get your VISA in the mail in 3 business days"

It SMACKS of desperation - which is the same smell that was around when we talked about the stadium.
Since THAT debate we've had assaults and murders down town - taking the "family fun and entertainment" argument right out of the picture.
We've had the Mayfaire is the new down town argument - taking the "great business climate downtown" argument and tossing THAT right out the window.
Now e have another in a long series of delays in the CC hotel.
Do we finally get the picture folks?
Do we?
Wilmington is NOT a center for tourists - THAT is 13 miles away at the beaches. Its not hundreds on Riverwalk - it's thousands at the sand and water.
Grow up Wilmington accept the fact that we're second banana to the beaches. We're a bathroom stop between the airport and Carolina Beach. At least have the decency to clean the rest rooms will you?



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