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Heard through a crack in the Council Chamber door ........

(Allegedly heard, that is)

- “OK, Let’s get this secret meeting over real quick before someone finds out!”
- “Darn Billy, what’re we gonna tell’ em this time about that stinking hotel?”
- “What we always do Charlie, that everything’s almost lined up and that it's just about good to go. Hey, we've bull-crapped them so many times already, we can't stop now!
- "But Billy, we told them something like that back on August 21st, last year and we told them something like that about 82 times before!”
- "Earl, stop your whining, either get in line with the rest of us or I’ll sic Kevin on you!”
- (Kevin barks menacingly at Earl) “Good boy Kevin, good boy!”
- “We’ll, I told them that it takes a long time for an EB5 exemption, and you just can’t control it”
- “Oh Laura, you’re always trying to talk out of both sides of your mouth just to save your own skin. We all know by now that we should have asked Harmony about it.”
- "Margaret, Margaret ...Wake up!"
- Oh stop it Laura, just because I called you out; that's no reason to wake her. You're just being mean!"
- “Yea, especially since Billy made that dumb commercial for Schoniger, now everybody knows we should have known all about EB5's by now!”
- “Shut up Neil! Your job is to vote with the rest of us and just keep excavating that secret bunker so we have a place to hide.”
- “Oh Gee, I almost forgot, how are we going to explain that Harmony still doesn’t have a commitment from Hilton. They were supposed to have that in place months ago?”
- “No problem Billy, I’ll just tell them I’m a lawyer and smarter than them; just like I did during that stadium debate.
- “Yea Kevin, like that really worked, you idiot!”
- We’ll if you just hadn’t looked so darn smarmy we would a won that thing! And don't even get me started on the poofy blow-dried hair your still wearing!"”
- “Hey did someone just hear a noise near the door? .......”
- "Oh crap! It’s open a crack! Someone might hear us!”

-CLICK .....


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