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You're quite right

and even Bill Cosby had similar words when he spoke a few years ago.

But that's going to cause too many to look inward and see what they hope to avoid.

Males who spread their seed indiscriminantley with no concern over the fathering of children who will become society's problems.

Females who become baby factories so they can increase the public dole they will be eligible for.

Parents who don't hold their children accountable in school.

Parents who look away when a 16 year old has more gold around his neck then the parents have in net worth and more cash in his pocket then they see; and never question why he is out every night until 2 or 3 in the morning.

Maybe too cause the Public Housing Authority to accept more responsibility and accountability for the projects they build and manage.

We'll never see those types of actions taken. Better to march in some parade and think they are contributing.

I wonder what Doctor King would do? For that matter what are his followers such as Jesse Jackson doing to solve these problems?


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