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Are you suggesting then

that the flow of Section 8 dollars, Food Stamps, Medicaid dollars, Free Cell Phones, and all of the other give away programs should end?

Are you suggesting there be a "term limit" for folks living on the public dole who are physically and mentally able to work?

Are you suggesting benefits for "Baby Machines" should end after the second child is born?

There are still plenty of opportunities in this country for the young coming out of school with a true education; one in which they are just not pushed ahead to get them out of the school system.

Are you suggesting parents should be responsible for theit children, even if it means they have to be in the classroom to ensure little "Puff" is not disruptive or endangering others?

Could you be suggesting a curfew for those still in high school or younger unless they have a legitimate job other than marketing pharmacutical products?

If you are, you should run for public office. I think you'll find a lot of supporters.


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