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"Of course, experts say the

"Of course, experts say the healthiest alternative to smoking is to give up the habit altogether.

Though customers swear by electronic cigarettes, they have not yet been proven to actually help people quit smoking. The FDA says because research continues, customers have no way to how safe they are or how much nicotine and other chemicals they are inhaling."

Of course, giving up the habit entirely is the most healthy option, but the impact of nicotine by itself on your health is about the same as caffeine. I think that needs to be mentioned.

Also... to suggest that they haven't been proven to help people quit smoking is ludicrous. Yes they absolutely have. There are people out there who haven't touched a cigarette in as long as 4 years thanks to e-cigarettes. About 1/3 of the people who try them stop smoking real cigarettes. In contrast, only about 2-5% of the people who try to quit using patches and gums actually end up quitting. And of those who don't quit with e-cigs, most of them simply don't like messing with them, as they are a bit more involved than simply pulling a cigarette from your pack and lighting it. What will it take for them to be considered "proven?" Just because no drug company is promoting these things or testing them doesn't mean that they aren't effective or proven to be so.

Either way, out of ALL devices people use to quit smoking, e-cigs have the greatest(by FAR) success rate... If that's not "proven," then I don't know what is.


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