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Doctors are recommending them

Wow, that's odd. I haven't seen a study yet that confirmed they had any carcinogens at all. The FDA's study was a joke and in the end, all they could say was that their results were "inconclusive". Respiratory specialists and doctors all over Wilmington are telling patients to get them. If the patients were admitted with lung disease and they had been smokers, I would assume the cigarettes caused it, not the e-cig. Either way, it is so much better than cigarettes I would hope that a doctor would not advise their patients to quit by using methods that have proven over and over not to work, especially if their top priority is to help the smoker become an ex-smoker. I could lay my e-cig down faster than I ever could have laid a cigarette down. I haven't had one in 3 years. No bronchitis, no morning cough, no was the most wonderful thing I ever did.


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