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I knew it was the act of a

I knew it was the act of a liberal. There is nothing about liberal/progressive/socialist thought that is based in logic or fact. Therefore, when their political beliefs are challenged the truth is never on their side, so they typically resort to name calling and irrational behavior. In this case the angry liberal tried to run over a lady with his car because she disagreed with him. In the liberal arena of media and academia, Christian values have been relentlessly attacked for many years now. Morality, decency, and human life are devalued and mocked in the movies, tv shows, music, and video games that the Hollywood left produces. Political correctness has blurred the line between right and wrong and is preventing many of our youth from learning or knowing the difference. All the while the liberal agenda has been to create a culture of entitlement and dependance on government in the name of buying votes and accumulating power. Mr. Spivey is a product of those efforts and an example of what one such voter looks like. Congratulations!


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