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I could not have said it better myself birdie4. As for guest5678, you're partially right. The ferocity of criticism and outcry from the left had this idiot been a registered republican would be off the charts. may have made national headlines. This is the MO of liberals. Self described Tea Party rallies are basically lauded as racial KKK rallies and Nazi propaganda meetings by the MSM and left wing ideologues. The so called "Occupiers" are described as a democratic movement who speak out against social and economic inequality...LMAO! It's ridiculous on its merit. The fact is that liberal ideology is about creating as much government oversight and control in our lives as possible...and conservatism is about lessening, limiting government interference and power to intercede in our social and economic values. You can witness the contrast of the two divides everyday on social media, news (cable and main stream), Hollywood and apparent just this past week on the Golden Globes. Former Pres. Bill Clinton walks out to a standing ovation...a personally flawed individual who made his political mark having to govern by conservative principles due to his political situation, i.e. welfare reform and balancing the budget. He then preceded to speak about Abraham Lincoln, a "republican" trying to push legislation thru congress by compromise, abolishing slavery and preserving the union. Funny coming from a man whose actual party (the Southern Democrats) are the ones who stood and fought against it. Yet later we see Ben Affleck touting his movie "Argo", gives great credit to those in our military armed services and thus only receiving scant applause and actually no acknowledgment from many of the elite "stars" in the audience. The contrast is clear and there for those who are "WILLING" to see. For those who don't or won't...well I'm sure character assassination or just plain running over someone with their car is an option.


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