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Ah the ol' Democratic/Liberal Staple = Blame the Victim

I remember first seeing this tactic widely used in the US during the 1980s as the Central Park Jogger's horrible attack shocked America. "Oh WHY was she jogging in Central Park alone!? Doesn't she know better?" Instead of "why were these feral beasts attacking an innocent woman?"
Democrats/leftists get rather defensive of their thug/lunatic voters as it generally requires people who are mentally unbalanced and or lazy criminals, who'd rather steal/assault than get a job tasting pie in a pie factory for $20 an hour, to keep them voted in.
You need voters whose "job" is to show up at the polls every four years to keep the checks rolling in spite of voting for a party that firmly believes: "Cutting 716 billion from Medicare will strengthen the program!"
Yes, folks this is the America the left wants. If a woman tries to have a discourse involving politics, and someone tries to kill her with a car, she should "hush" as "Opinions have consequences." The Blame the victim strategy from The Ted Kennedy School of Debate.


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