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Same Old Song And Dance

Learn how to argue with intelligent words or agree to disagree. But stop attacking one another like this. The 24 hour news channels put angry talking heads on TV or have extremists as guests to boost ratings all the while creating this angry political climate we live in today. It leaks over into the real world as evidenced by the comments on this story and the story itself.

People today are blaming violent movies and video games for violence in the real world. 20 years ago it was rap videos and movies about gangs. But could it possibly be that people have lost the ability to know when to discontinue an argument and move on? People no longer seek out opposing views to their own, not when it is so easy to find a website or 24 hour news network that matches your beliefs. Today's "informed" individuals need look no further than MSNBC or Fox News to find someone who agrees with them rather than challenge themselves to open their minds and see what the other side has to say about an issue. If people could learn to separate the facts from the opinions in news articles and TV segments then they would be more capable of forming their own opinions better.


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