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Case In Point

By generalizing all liberals as being against Christian values, pro-entitlement, and power hungry individuals who buy votes with entitlements you yourself keep alive the disease of polarization that infects this country. By putting everybody from the left in one box and everybody in the right in another, you perpetuate the idea that we are not individuals but rather we are all of one hive mind that see and think in only black and white.

Most Democrats I know are Christian and fiscally conservative. Many of them own handguns and hunting rifles for protection and sport but believe only the military has need of assault rifles. They don't want their taxes raised but are willing to pay more if the money helps out the old, the sick, or the poor; not tax breaks for the super-rich or aid to other countries.

The acts of one man, who Katy's regulars say has bipolar disorder, do not reflect upon the entire Democratic party. People today think that yelling the loudest makes you the smartest person in the room. No, it just makes you the loudest. Trying to blame the "Hollywood left" for the failures of parents to raise their children with good Christian values is just lazy and such an outdated argument. I was poor growing up but was taught right from wrong and knew not to engage in criminal and violent behavior, despite enjoying the output of the "Hollywood left."

Read your post again. What were you trying accomplish with your tone? If your agenda was to offer up a constructive criticism of the current political system and to offer a solution then you failed. Most of the posts on this story seem designed to point fingers and anger readers on both sides.

I will close with this... if Mr. Spivey had agreed to disagree and let the whole thing go or had the woman not antagonized Mr. Spivey for voting for Obama (as Katy's regulars claim she had) would anyone have been assaulted that night?


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