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Opposing Force

Your comparing apples to oranges here. Your comparing different schedules of offenses first of all. You can drive 4 hrs away and sweepstakes are legal and legit businesses that pay taxes to the state and/or county they reside. They help people pay their bills and feed their children. And dont say "Well they dont they destory peoples lives" People destroy their own lives by their own choices. Parlors dont ruin lives. They promote the economy and ALL of them pay TAXES to YOUR state and YOUR city. Were in a reccession no matter how you poke it, this is a multi billion dollar industry, I should know because I work for one of the biggest sweepstakes companies. My mother works 70 hrs a week, my father is bed ridden due to a stroke, my wife, my kid, my pets; all rely on my income to support mortgage, insurance, food, essentials. The ruling is bullshit and so is your opinion on it sir.


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