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Who exactly wants the sweepstakes closed. Don't say state government that is not an answer. There was someone or group who orginally said we don't want them. And really what is the reasoning behind it. Why do they want them shut down. Most people don't really care because they don't play or work there.
In this economy why put hundreds of people out of work. These people instead of paying income tax and spending money at other businesses will not be drawing unemployment from the state, applying for food stamps and other federal programs. As far as I can see the only problem the state has is that they don't make enoung money off them.
Let each county decide if they stay or go. Set reasonable usage fee for each machine, use this money collected for that counties school system. It seems like the lottery with all its millions can't seem to take care of it.
I really would like some answers. Do you have a reporter that acturally can find this out and get an answer that is not political hogwash.


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