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Why do the Minister's working with NAACP make accusations but...

Why do the minister's, who come to the forefront of the NAACP whenever a black youth gets into trouble, make condesending remarks against the white people involved. Then when the situation plays itself out only to discover the black youth at the center was all wrong, had lied & blown things out of porportion, these minister's rallying people under the NAACP banners NEVER go back & apologise to the white individual who they publicaly shined lights on & made accusations about! Rev.Shapton did this after the Tawana Brawley made up incident. He screamed racial injustice, that the white officers who beat, raped & spread dog excrement on this teens body should be fired & put in jail. He got up on his NAACP soapbox & gave out all the personal info on these officers. Called them everything but their names! Tried to ruin them! But later as the evidence proved, Tawana Brawley had stayed out all night with an older boyfriend & when worried her father would breat the life out of her, she made this whole attack by white officers up. She smeared the dog excrement on her own body! She carved the "N" word into her own skin! Do Rev. Sharpton ever go in front of the camara's & apologise to the white police officers & try to calm the anger the black community had against them? NOPE, Rev. Sharpton got on a plane & left the city & never lifted a finger to queit the racial divide he helped to create between the white & black communities. Some nuts could have come out of the shadows & killed those white officers after all the strirring up Rev. Sharpton created in the mist of the incident. He is very good at stirring up racial injustice. But not so good at stepping up on hios soapbox to admit when he has been fooled & apologise for the attacks on innocent whites! Rev.Jesse Jackson has a past of calling races, other than black americans, out of their names & in my opinion since he lives in a glass house he should never throw stones! I do believe of all the most vocal NAACP members, Rev. Jackson does more to help all people & not solely black people in his Rainbow Coalition. WHen the Duke LaCross players were accused of raping the nude dancer, holding her against her will in that fraternity bathroom, an calling her the "N" word, there were alot of NAACP members speaking out against the white players. Everybody demanded juctice! Another black group, was it the black panthers? I can't think of their name of hand. They called the players & accused terrible racial names. They & NAACP talked about those accused like they were scub & its a surprise the boys were not attacked or shot while being moved around by the officers. After everything said against the white players, Rev. Shapton being VERY voacal....when it was proved the players were innocent, there had been no rape, no holding them against their will, that the nude dancer's story was complete fabrication, did Rev.Sharpton get in front of the camara, or Rev. Jackson, other NAACP members? The black panther group? ANYBODY get speak out & apologise to stirring up an already horrible crime to a fever pitch & that they are now very sorry because it has come to light the victim was a complete LIAR!? Nope, not one word! I want to see the NAACP help accountable for every single threatening word, accusation & name they call a possible white defendent when it comes to light the black victimes they came into an area to support are proven to be flat out liars! They would not stand for whites doing it to them & I believe the whites deserve the same protection when they get on the NAACP soapbox & bring all their personal info to light, where they live & work & place their lives in jeapardy! Is there not one single member of the NAACP who is "man enough" to stand up & offer an apology when she discover a crime victim has duped everybody? This has bewcome a trend & it is time to put a stop to it NOW. Shame on you Rev. All Sharpton! Of everybody, you are the worst for stiring things up into a black on white battle, then when it comes to light the black victim had lied, YOU SLINK AWAY & DO NOT SAY A WORD!!!


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