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I'ts time to start asking the right questions

I’m getting really tired of people asking:
- "How do we get this guy out of office?”
- "Who voted this guy into office?”

C'mon folks, you should know those answers by now! For the last time:
- We can't get him out; we have to wait him out.
- Lots of people voted for him, they just didn't know he was nuts.

Moving on to more relevant questions........

- Why do our other NHC commissioners continue to allow him to do anything more than just attend the NHC Commission meetings?
- Why do they allow him to get involved with anything other than just sitting in his chair during those meetings?
- How can they not know that from this point forward, that a man who is incapable of knowing his license is suspended is also incapable of contributing any sound judgment to any committee or board he is sitting on?

It's getting way past time to stop crying in our beer over Berger and to start holding the other commissioners accountable for not putting more effort into completely and totally reining him in. No exceptions.

Berger, unfortunately, can’t seem to help himself. What’s their excuse?


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