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That is $500,000,000 wasted.

That is $500,000,000 wasted. The fact remains........there are millions of guns, magazines and rounds of ammo in possession of the American public. If someone wants to do harm to someone else, they will find a way. There is NO WAY that the government can pass enough laws to prevent such from happening. If it does, maybe the anti-gunners will finally open their eyes and see what is happening, and they will soon be slaves of the government. But, it might be too late by then. Every time a shooting happens, the knee-jerk reactions of Congress are predictable, punish everybody, not just the offender. If all is calm for a few months, it will all blow over. The Governor of NY, in his wisdom signed a piece of legislation that is totally counter-productive. It mentions that if someone undergoing psychiatric treatment owns a gun, their doctor can have it confiscated, or something similar to this. If a gun owner knows he/she will lose their firearm if they seek psychiatric treatment, would this not be a deterrant to seek such treatment?


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