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The only thing remotely resembling gun CONTROL is the ban on assault weapons (I'll get back to this in a minute.
The NRA wanted to address mental health? CHECK
The NRA wanted to put officers in schools? CHECK
the NRA did NOT want an assault weapons ban
the NRA did not want magazines down sized

You got 50% NRA
But in actuality you got far more
Assault weapons make up a very small portion of gun sales and no other weapons were mentioned.
Now I actually called for the assault weapons ban re-instatement. Why? Because I was afraid of what THIS government would do.
The NRA has mis played this. They should have been out front calling for AW bans. They already had LEOs in schools.
But no - true to their myopic thinking they didn't want ANY restrictions. That was a bad attitude after 20 kids died.
The 2nd amendment has limitations folks. Look up District of
Columbia v Heller and READ the majority opinion of Judge Antonin Scalia and the other conservative judges on the Supreme Court. Read the interview he did on Fox news right after THAT ruling.
Sorry - but anyone who pays attention knows that this day was coming and the NRA did NOTHING to minimize the damage. (The NRA does NOT mention Heller - it was a devastating defeat for them).

Now we have not only an AW ban but a magazine down sizing too.
Politically the NRA screwed up.
Look, as a gun owner I don't need an AW. I will stick with my 9mm thank you very much. IF I need more than 10 bullets I shouldn't own a gun but I've got spares and I can change mags pretty quick.
The AW ban won't do a darn thing to prevent another Sandy Hook - nor will down sized mags. This is feel good do nothing legislation - something our government is good at.
The NRA did nothing to be out front and it bit us in the butt.
A law abiding gun owner has nothing to worry about from back ground checks or AW bans or reduced mag capacity.
"The 2nd Amendment has limitations, no doubt......" Judge
Antonin Scalia



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