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Thus Spoke Duke

If we can all just unplug our knee-jerk emotional responses please allow me to make a very specific point that everyone seems to keep missing… If our government can arbitrarily dismiss a specific portion of the Bill of Rights without popular consent, debate or any other form of popular discourse, then who’s to say they can’t or won’t do it to any other component of the Bill of Rights…

Some of you will read this and decide immediately that I’m spouting nonsense. To those people I simply ask for the courtesy of hearing me out.

We already live in a time where the media tells us what is and is not reality. We are told that freedom of speech exists as long as you’re nice. We have cameras everywhere now that not only infringe upon our privacy our right of search and seizure and our right to due process. We seem to be taxed without representation… Cus’ no one in office seemed to give a damn what I thought. And the government tells us that it’s good for us. They say it’s in our best interest. They say it’s too complicated and we would not understand.

I remember a time when nobody believed anything the government had to say about anything no matter who was in office… Our government has rarely kept a promise and cannot even seem to follow the very law enforced upon its citizens. If that was the cases then why are we so surprised that they are doing this to us and why are we ok with it? I don’t mind paying some taxes for my state and my nation in that order. I appreciate that there are people out there that need a little help. And as a gun owner and a sports man I have no clue why anyone needs a 30 round magazine for hunting… However I am not at all comfortable with the government deciding anything for me and then telling me it’s in MY best interest after the fact… And no matter how you feel about gun legislation I cannot understand why ya’ll don’t understand that. Let the people of each state decide. Let people vote their conscience and make the best and fairest decisions possible. But don’t trust the guys in Washington; don’t trust the NRA or the lobbyist or the Liberal nut jobs or the news… Have faith in our Bill of Rights and vote for what is right and fair. Amen


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