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I have been intersted and

I have been intersted and will watch closely if Burr is true of his word, I know Hagan bends with the wind and needs to be gone. this is a country that is founded on the constitution and bill of rights and laws, when one fails to recognize this then we are failed, we have an administration that just ran a program called FAST AND FURIOUS south of the border and yet no one has answered for it, even though a lot of innocents were murdered, the president comes from a city with the most restrictive rights to self protection in the nation and yet has the highest murdr rate, so why when he was a senator from Chicago he couldn't get a handle on one city but yet people trust him to control the world, so yesr, Senator Burr, we do expect you to hold our constitutional rights to the front of the burner.

On a side note, you will not see one gun owner that disagrees with a background check, so why not start at the top and work your way down?


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