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Gun Control? Means hitting your target.

Assault riles in 1776 were muzzle loaders with bayonets. What started the shooting at the beginning of the Revolution was not when a bunch of Tea was dumped, but when the dictator ordered the confiscation of the firearms. BUT that is not the point. We, as Americans, have the right to buy firearms if we want to. What you call an assault rifle is NOT an assault rifle. An assault rifle is a military weapon. The assault rifle today has the ability to fire fully automatic or in multiple round burst. It is not just the looks of the firearm and that is what all of the liberals hate. The looks of the firearm! As for magazines that have more than a few rounds, what difference would it make? As a Marine I was trained to change out magazine in one or two seconds. To practice changing mags we would fire 5 rounds, hit the release, drop the mag and slap in a new one. So how would outlawing 20 round magazines make a difference?


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