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At some point very soon we

At some point very soon we have to realize as gun owners (which I am one) we have an obligation not just to the safety of our family but to the safety of our society. We don't drive our vehicles 110 mph because that would be reckless and dangerous. The same can be said for these military grade assault weapons. People are flawed, and we have to realize that as a whole the American society can not handle the responsibility of owning these weapons. If they did they would have never been available to the evil individuals who have caused so much harm, and loss. As gun owners we have to be the first to step up with common sense, and not be controlled by a special interest group who wants more guns... imagine that? Oh the American people are going to hire 2 million security guards and give them government issued weapons purchased from gun manufacturers which the NRA lobbies for... at some point you have to see the big picture... the NRA is trying to sell the American people so they can cash in on a 50 million dollar sale. It's time to do the right thing. Just as the POTUS said yesterday it won't stop evil people from doing evil acts but it will curb the level of violence they can carry out.


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