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gun control

here is the point the second admendment says these rights will NOT be infringed upon and you may not need an ar in YOUR home and thats fine do not buy one but if I want one I have the right that is endowed by my creator to have one the ar and aks are no more dangerous than a tube fed .22 rifle that hold sixteen or seventeen shots as a matter of fact the ar in 223 uses the same diameter bullet so do start talking about stuff you do not know anything about you sound like the rest of the liberal fools that think they can tell everyone what they can or cannot do. the average hunting rifle in 30 06 was used as a sniper rifle in vietnam and the same varient of the model 70 winchester is still used today by the military. so what ever the gun looks like a miltarized sporter or an mossberg 702 plinkster it is still a one triger pull one shot tool,please realize, this is not about guns it is about control.thomas jefferson said "that those who beat thier swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't"


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