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Liberalism always acheives the opposite of its intended goal

If gun control worked to curb violence Chicago, New York City, LA, Great Britain, etc., would be the safest places in the world. Guess what? They are the opposite. Great Britain banned even handguns years ago. They have one of the highest violent crime rates in the world and the average citizen has been conscripted to victim status by it's well meaning government. Don't forget, it was all done in the name of safety. Every one thinks that the Founding Fathers only intended the Second Amendment for sporting purposes or muskets. Really? Have you read their well documented writings on the subject? They intended, sometimes required by law, the average citizen to be armed in order to defend himself not only from evil doers, but from tyranny. As far as muskets go, what was the military fighting with at the time? Muskets. So the Founding Fathers expected the average citizen to be armed with the same arms that the military was. I'm not advocating that we be allowed to have bazookas and tanks, just clarifying a misconception. Also, if you think gun control is the answer, how's that war on drugs working? Do you really think we can curb the criminals from getting their hands on guns, but we can't stop them from getting drugs? Gun control only punishes and disarms law abiding people.


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