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Your missing the point

If POTUS thought he could confiscate every gun in America, he would do it. That is a fact. Ask Pelosi, Reid, Boxer etc.

The NRA acts for it's members. They have done more to preserve the 2nd amendment that any organization or group.

If you walked around Chicago (which has a ridiculous gun policy) for a week, you would want as many guns and ammo you could carry.

New York just passed a knee jerk gun law that had some unforeseen consequences.

It turned a majority of policemen into gun toting criminals instantly because they use pistols that carry more than 10 rounds.

We can all agree there is a problem. But let the Congress or State officials debate until we have a working, sensible, discussion to preserve our rights, not throw away all reason in the name of "safety".

Without the 2nd amendment, we would not have the first. Reason and logic is needed not hysteria.


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