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I have read all of your

I have read all of your comments below, and I have this to say... you are a bunch of hypocrites... You sit here and belly ache that your rights are being threatened and that the government is taking your personal liberties away... How many of you voted for amendment one last year, how many of you oppose a woman's right to choose? If your such a liberty advocate why then are you infringing on the rights of others and pushing for regulations on marriage and women's vagina's. I served this country so EVERYONE had the right to life in a free country where they can live happily with the ones they love, and determine what health needs THEY need. I support the 2nd amendment but I'm not so naive to think that it's all inclusive that we can own whatever weapon we can manufacturer. There are limits... and right now the limits are soft. You can belly ache and pick a fight with me all you want... But I stood the watch so you can sleep peacefully at night, and so you could enjoy the rights given to you via the constitution. We will never become a Stalin, Hitler, Mal tyranny lead nation. We aren't setup that way. Stop the fear mongering crap... I'm honestly tired of it.


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